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EMKA JSC. - Sevlievo

Company Headquarters:
30, Nikola Petkov Str.
5400 Sevlievo, Bulgaria
Tel: (+ 359 675) 328 68
Fax: (+ 359 675) 328 70
e-mail: emka.sales@nat.bg
Web: www.emka-bg.com
Commercial Office:
8, Bacho Kiro Str.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: (+359 2) 980 2648,
Fax: (+359 2) 986 92 65
e-mail: office@hika-bg.com

Lines of Business
Manufacture of enameled / coiled and insulated wires, optical cables, telephone cords and cords. Engineering services in the field of cable production.
43 399 452 BGN distributed in 43 399 452 shares with a nominal value of BGN 1 each.
Established 1936
Ownership Private joint stock company
Management Bodies General Assembly of the Shareholders
Board of Directors
Employees 299
Export 85%
Quality Management System

The high quality of products "EMKA" AD, corresponding to world standards, has been recognized with a Certificate of quality ISO 9001:2008, and articles on performance match the international standards DIN VDE, BS, IEC, EN and BS EN. Also "EMKA" AD has successfully implemented "Environmental Management System" - ISO 14001:2005 and "Occupational Health and Safety Management System" - ISO 45001:2018.

The cables meet the international standards IEC, HD, VDE or BS, as well as strict internal standards. "EMKA" AD holds a selection of signs VDE and HAR cable for certain brands.

All enameled copper wires are with quality according to IEC and EN standards.

Product Lines
  Conductors and cables insulated with PVC, PE, PUR, silicone rubber fluoroplasti, halogen free mixtures:
    Power supply cables up to 1kV;
Control cables;
Telecommunication cables (up to 102 pairs) for indoor installation;
Phone cords, RV, TV and SAT coaxial cables;
Installation wires;
Tonchestotni and radio frequency cables;
Installation cables.

Enamelled Copper Wires:

Enamelled copper wire with a diameter from 0.20 mm up to 2.24 mm, grade 1 and grade 2, temperature classes - 150 (F), 180 (H) and 200 (C). :

Since the second half of 2011 some new products of this class have been offered:

round enameled copper wires with a diameter of 2.00 mm to 5.00 mm, thermal class 180 (H) and heat class 200 (C)

rectangular enameled copper wires, range 5 - 60 mm2, thermal class 200 (C)

Winding wires:

Rectangular or circular, copper or aluminum conductors, insulated with paper, glass fiber or other insulating material..

Nominal dimensions for rectangular conductors:

  • thickness - from 1.00 mm up to 5.60 mm
  • width - from 2.00 mm up to 16.00 mm

Since the second half of 2011 are also available rectangular copper enameled wires, insulated with glass fiber and impregnated with heat-resistant lacquer, heat class 155 and heat class 180 with nominal sizes:

  • thickness - from 1.00 mm up to 5.60 mm
  • width - from 2.12 mm up to 12.50 mm

All Winding wires are with a quality conforming to IEC and EN standards.

Non-insulated conductors
PVC compounds for cable production

            Produced by "EMKA" JSC cables, insulated, non-insulated and winding wires are widely used everywhere:

  • in Mechanical Engineering;
  • in radio-electronic, communications, computing, electrical industry;
  • in installation of machinery and other equipment;
  • in lighting and power networks;
  • in low voltage systems and equipment;
  • in electric motors;
  • in telephone exchanges;
  • in audio systems;
  • in power supplies;
  • in systems and equipment for information processing;
  • in household electrical appliances;
  • in air grids for transmission of electricity;
  • for mobile connections of electrical machines and apparatus;
  • in various types of transformers, generators, compres

    Since 2007, on the basis of a decision of the Board of Directors, serious investments have been made aimed at modernizing existing equipment and increasing production efficiency. The process continues in 2008-2011 as well:

    1. Comprehensive project for modernization in the production of flexible cables, including the purchase and commissioning of machines throughout the production flow: twisting machines for non-insulated wires; extrusion line for insulation of single wires; twisting machine for insulated wires; 24-stop interlacing machines for screening; extrusion line for outer sheathing of cables; automatic curve for finished crane production.

    2. A project for the production of copper rectangular wires, which introduces a new technology of production by continuous extrusion at high temperature and pressure, guaranteeing improved structure and quality of the surface of the conductors.

    3. Modernization project in the production of round copper enameled wires and creation of conditions for development and implementation of new products: rectangular enameled wires and rectangular enameled wires with glass fiber insulation, which will expand the product range of the products.

    An intensive study and preparation of new investment projects is being carried out in order to continue the modernization and improvement of working and environmental conditions.