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Rights of shareholders

/ 1 / the company's shareholders can be local and foreign individuals and companies.
/ 2 / the company's shareholders are entitled:

1. voting in the General Assembly as one shares entitle to one vote;
2. to be elected to the Board of Directors;
3. dividend, in proportion to the nominal value of shares held;
4. liquidation of the share, proportionate to the nominal value of shares held;
5. to acquire part of the new shares issued in the capital increase, which corresponds to their share in the capital increase;
6. to get acquainted with the written materials relating to the agenda of the General Assembly;
7. authorize another person to represent them in the General Assembly in accordance with the requirements of the law and this Statute.

/ 3 / The right to vote at general meetings of the Company occurs with the full payment of the issue price of each share after the entry of the increase of its capital in the commercial register.
/ 4 / holders jointly or separately at least 5 percent of the capital, where omission of the Board of Directors, which threatens the interests of the company may pursue in court claims of the Company against third parties. As part of the case and called for the Company.
/ 5 / persons under para. 4 can:

1. bring an action before the district court at the headquarters of the company for damages caused by the Company's acts or omissions of members of the management and control bodies and the procurators of the company;
2. To request the General Assembly or by a district court appointment of monitors to inspect all books of the company and prepare a report on its findings;
3. to ask the district court convened a general meeting or empower their representative to convene a general meeting as set by their agenda.

/ 6 / The court shall rule immediately on request in para. 5, item 2 and 3.