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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I know if I have shares in the company and what is their number?

Information on the shares, bonds and other financial instruments you own, including those acquired by the mass privatization, can be made free of charge on the Central Depository's website. To do this, you need to have a valid RID code from the NRA or personal electronic signature.

2. What document does ownership certify?

The share ownership document is called the "Depository Receipt".

3.Where can I get a "Depositary Receipt"?

The depository receipt is issued by the Central Depository AD but it does not work directly with the shareholders. It can be claimed and received from licensed investment intermediaries.

4. Can I sell my own shares?

Industrial Capital Holding JSC is a public company and the shares are traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Stocks Standard, stock exchange code HIKA.

All services related to public securities (including the purchase and sale) are performed by licensed investment intermediaries.

5.Have I got a dividend ?

By decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders, a gross dividend per share was voted for:

2016 г. - BGN 0.05263
2017 г. - BGN 0.06315789
2018 г. - BGN 0.0735
2019 г. - BGN 0.0735
2020 г. - BGN 0.07368421
2021 г. - BGN 0.0947368
2022 г. - BGN 0.084211

6. How can I get the dividend?

Shareholders with funds in investment intermediaries receive a dividend from the respective investment intermediary and the other shareholders may also receive a dividend from the announced bank in the period from six months from the starting date of payment determined by decision of the general meeting of the shareholders. The missed dividend can then be received at the company's office until the expiration of 5 years.

7. Do I have a tax on the dividend received?

Dividends are income taxed at the source. Industrial Capital Holding JSC transfers the entire tax on the dividend to the state within one month after the decision was taken, regardless of whether the dividend was claimed and paid to the shareholder.

Dividends are subject to a 5% withholding tax.

8. Inheritance of shares of a deceased shareholder

Shares are a type of property that is inherited. The name of the deceased shareholder continues to appear in the book of shareholders, which is kept by the Central Depository AD, until the heirs take the appropriate actions on inheritance.

The inheritance process is regulated in the Regulations for the activities of the Central Depository in art. 172, art. 172a, art. 172b and art. 173.