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ZAI JSC. - Berkovitsa

100, Nikolaevska Str.
3500 Berkovitsa, Bulgaria
Phone: (+359 953) 23 79 Fax: (+359 953) 35 05
e-mail: office@zai-bg.com
Web: http://www.zai-bg.com

Lines of Business
Manufacture of abrasive discs for cutting and grinding of metal and other materials; ceramic abrasive tools; diamond abrasive devices.
BGN 4 561 800 divided into 4 561 800 shares with a nominal value of BGN 1 each.
Established 1962
Ownership Private joint stock company
Management Bodies General Assembly of the Shareholders
Board of Directors
Employees 101
Export 80%
Quality Management System

ZAI JSC is standardized according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2008, setting requirements for the development and implementation of an effective Quality Management System (QMS). There is also a health and safety management system certificate in accordance with OHSAS 18001 standard, as well as environmental management systems - ISO 14001: 2004.

Product Lines

High-speed reinforced abrasive discs for cutting and grinding metal and non-metallic materials

The following wheel types are available:

Type 41 – Flat cutting-off wheels.
Type 42 – Depressed center cutting-off wheels.
Type 27 – Depressed center grindign wheels.

Flap discs

Flap discs are coated abrasive product and their components are series of flaps of abrasive cloth, a backing plate and adhesive. They are designed to be used in various industries for right angle grinder applications ranging from heavy stock removal to surface blending. Egeli Flap Discs are in two types, flat type and conical type. The backing plate comes in two different forms: either as high-density fiberglass back or as flexible plastic backing plate.

Abrasive tools with resin bond of electro corundum and silicon carbide for general and special use

The organic bonded abrasive tools ( Bakelite ) have a higher pressure strength, than the ceramic bonded and a sufficient elasticity . The high stability of the bond allows the production of abrasive tools suitable for high speed cutting. Characterized by small heat resistance and in comparison with other bonds, it heats to a lesser extent the work piece. The resin soldered has a polishing effect and reduces the roughness of the surface.
Resin bonded abrasive tools are made from normal electro corundum and black silicon carbide and more rarely from white and ruby electro corundum, and green silicon carbide.

Abrasive tools on ceramic bond

“ZAI” JSC is a manufacturer with rich experience and a worldwide recognized quality of over 18 000 types of ceramic abrasive tools on ceramic bond with diameter up to 900 mm., both mass and specialized use. The ceramic abrasive tools are produced according to the customers’ requirements and depending on the type of material to be treated.

Plate of alluminium


ZAI JSC has two main production workshop - workshop for tools with organic bond, producing high reinforced abrasive blades for cutting and grinding of metal and nonmetal materials and non-reinforced abrasive tools for grinding metal and nonmetal materials; and workshop for tools with inorganic bond producing ceramic and magnesium tools for grinding of metal and nonmetal materials.

Main production, with which in 1962 started work on the plant is the workshop for manufacture of abrasive tools of ceramic bond.

The technology of production in the workshop for tools with inorganic bond include the manufacture of abrasive mixtures, pressing, drying and firing in a tunnel furnace.

ZAI JSC has only one in Bulgaria 3000-ton press for automated production of large size grinding discs - up to 900 mm. Furthermore, it has workshop with 750, 500 and 250 ton presses automated, maintained in functional condition, meeting the highest requirements for accuracy of the product.

The second major production of ZAI JSC Berkovitsa is equipped with two unique in Bulgaria and high-tech machines of the latest generation for manufacture of tools with organic bond with parameters from 115 up to 125 mm and from 180 up to 230 mm. Each machine has a high capacity - up to 6000 disks at shift. The Full automation of the process includes a module for continuous quality control, allowing the minimization of the deviation of the parameters specified computer. Both machines are own investment by ZAI JSC for 1 million and 60 thousand Euro.
Besides these, the workshop for high reinforced grinding discs and unreinforced abrasive tools has and a semi-automatic machines from an older generation, but also having high accuracy and quality and manufacture of a production according to modern requirements.

ZAI JSC Berkovitsa with the help of the European Regional Development Fund has invested in high-tech bakelite mashine for baking of tools with resin bond maintained the required temperature.

The majority of production of the workshop for manufacture of tools with organic bond is realized in the Eurozone and 20% meet the needs of the domestic market.